Friday, July 31, 2009

Messing Around At Work

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I occasionally pull pranks on my friend and co-worker Ken while at the office. I was recently introduced to an idea involving a toilet paper roll and a person’s office by a friend, so I have stolen this concept and put it in action at my place of employment.

Attack # 1

Ken is sitting at his desk and watching a video of his arch rival Nancy Pelosi while a roll of toilet paper sits on his shelf in the upper left hand corner of this picture. He did not notice the roll of TP for at least a week when another co-worker decided to put a toner cartridge up there that got his attention and ended the prank.

Attack # 2

Haha! Number two. Get it? Anyway, this is on the other side of Ken's office, where the toilet paper roll again sat for another week without Ken noticing. This is on a different set of shelves where Ken stores his books that he never reads, but likes to have on a shelf to make him feel smart. The only books I have at work are more commonly referred to as magazines, and they are stored below the sink in the restroom.

Attack # 3

I think this one was the best so far, as the roll of toilet paper is now sitting behind a picture of Ken's friends / customers from Norway. He literally had to walk right past this every single time he went in and out of his office, although again he did not notice it for at least a week. I finally sent him the following picture via e-mail with the subject line "I Am Watching You" and he finally discovered it. Credit to fellow co-worker Kim for the idea of putting the Geico eyes on top of it.